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Maria Orciuoli is a research-based artist and cultural publicist living and working between Berlin and Linz.

With a background in economics and electronic arts, her practice involves working with collections of information, data, software and hardware systems to engage with themes of consumer culture, nature’s phenomena and technology’s influence on human subjectivity.

In a parallel universe, she runs KO-HUM, a communications agency promoting artists and cultural producers working in music and performing arts.


01.04.23 - 30.07.23 @ Digital Nature Group - Yoichi Ochiai's Lab at Tsukuba University, Japan

01.06.22 - 30.09.22 @ Das Weisse Haus', Vienna, Austria


20.09.23 - 23.09.23 'Raindrop Price Index - You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears' @ Speculum Artium 2023 (SI)

06.09.23 - 10.09.23 'Raindrop Price Index - You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears' @ Ars Electronica Festival 2023 - Who Owns The Truth, Linz (AT)

16.06.23 - 06.07.23 'Raindrop Price Index - You Cannot Refill A Sea With Tears' @ Quantified Perspectives: Rethinking Data Narratives - Computational Creativity Hub, Luxembourg

07.09.22 - 11.09.22 'RZ Piscium is an Insatiable Eater of Worlds' @ Ars Electronica Festival - Welcome to Planet B, Linz (AT)

03.07.22 - 30.09.22 'Underwater Lillies,' Interface Cultures @ Kunsthalle Linz (AT)

29.06.22 - 01.07.22 'The Perfect Day in a Drop' @ galerie WHA, Linz (AT)

17.12.21 'The Politics of Picking a Pope', Sankt Interface @ Interface Cultures (Online Lecture & Exhibition)

Media features:

CLOT Magazine (UK), words by Juliette Wallace (2022)

Utopian Adverts United on Movement Radio (GR), presented by Daphne X (2021)

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