A screenshot of a spam email without text showing several verical lines on the left as indicator that the email's sender is about to reply to the email received at 9:31 pm A flame-themed car with a meat emojy placed in the front and a text in bold font saying: morning message from hell purple low resolution picture of a human-like face A purple colored mask resembling Rome's 'Mouth of Truth' artifact in the shape of an hashtag A screenshot of several funny whatsapp conversations with typos Black and white photo of a closed mouth A screenshot of a browser's search bar with query saying: i never liked your friends Screenshot of a black computer desktop with two blue file folders named 'complain' and 'the rest' Screenshot of a text saying: and negotiations. You may feel a little drained physically now, temporally A meme of a fictional Netflix series poster titled 'Pavimento' portraying a young brunette woman laying on the floor Screenshot of YouTube video still showing popular fashion designer Vivienne Westwood wearing an angel crown and holding 
        a stone-made manifesto saying Twelve Christmas Days Until Climate Collapse 2030